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Software Engineer Salaries in 9 Countries

The salaries of software engineers are a matter of interest in every country. You may be Evaluating business opportunities in different countries, Planing to work remotely, Receiving job offers from different countries, Considering changing country or Wondering how much a software engineer gets in a country different from your country. We tried to share the …

Business Life Tips

9 CV Mistakes Best Software Engineers Never Do!

While the discussions about whether to create a CV or not, we tried to draw attention to what should not be a good CV. Creating CVs is a very time consuming, challenging but never losing importance, especially for people with technical skills. A well-crafted CV for Software Engineering job posting helps speed up recruitment processes …

Business Life Tips

How Can You Get Hired Fast

We would like to talk about how can you get hired fast. These 9 steps are what you need to find your dream company and hopefully get hired faster. How can you get hired faster: 1-Be Specific Take the time to figure out the type of position you would really enjoy. Write out a few …